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Augustin Sorret

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About Me

I am a web developer currently working on Node.js / Vue.js, Python and Scraping projects in Paris. My cross competences in law, business management and web development gave me the necessary insight to apprehend projects not only from a technical point of view but also as the business products they aim to be. Thus I enjoy working on projects in an iterative and agile way, hand to hand with the client : building, thinking and advising about useful features.

Some of my achievements include:

  • Building MVC reactive interfaces in Vue.js, with a Node.js / Express.js / Koa.js server managing data from a relationnal SQL database or non relationnal MongoDB database
  • Developing custom Scraping programs along with command interfaces to enable the user to directly control the program
  • Defining of trafic acquisition strategies based on SEO optimisation and website rebuild

Latest Projects

Pump - Node.js Vue.js

Pump - A summary app built upon Node.js, MongoDB and Vue.js

Pump uses Natural Language Programming to turn the news into small summaries and attach them context elements about personalities, companies and products involved. News are obtained with a custom scraping program based on Python which targets relevant data.

Its reactive frontend is built upon Vue.js and is served by a Node.js server. The non relational MongoDB database ensures data consistency of the auto generated summaries.

Skills : Vue.js, Node.js, Python, Scraping, NLP, Beautiful Soup, Spacy, NLTK

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Autoproxy - Node JS Scraping

I developed a crossplatform Node JS Scraping program to crawl and download specific data from ads websites. The user can easily update the program's settings from an Excel file.

Some important features include :

  • Asynchronous Node JS requests module
  • Proxy rolling to optimize stability
  • Ease of use : the program can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux and its settings can be updated from an Excel file

Skills : Node JS, Scraping pkg, proxies

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Terros Consulting - A professional Bootstrap website

Let's give your business the professional aspect it deserves !

Skills : JQuery, Bootstrap

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Other Projects

Golden - A Python library to extract data from emerging tech and startups

Built upon the requests library to access and parse data from Golden's collection. Provides an easy access to company summaries, timeline of recent events, key people and more !

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Work Experience

Freelance Web Developer Terros Designs (2019)

As a freelance developer I built and deployed several websites, improved SEO rankings and performed web scraping operations. Some of my creations include:

  • Development of reactive interfaces using Vue.js and Node.js / Express / Koa server in the backend
  • Set up of a MongoDB database and AWS S3 file storage system
  • Integration of a Stripe payment module

Logistics Analyst Jumia Global (2017)

I participated in the development of Jumia Crossborder Marketplace and helped to build logistics roads for ecommerce products from China and Europe to Africa.

Law intern Squire Patton, Jeantet Associates, GIAT Industries (2013-2016)

Law research at several law firms and companies in UK and France.